Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I try BizPilot for free?

With a free trial, you get to use BizPilot for seven days. The free trial gives you full access to a dummy account, where you can conduct activities like, 

  • - Preparing invoices and expenses 
  • - Creating a new customer 
  • - Record payments against an invoice
  • - Add sales goods or service items

Our free trial is like a glimpse into the platform, where you see all the finance-related tasks you can complete using BizPilot. 

Do I need to give you my payment information to try BizPilot for free?

You need not provide your payment information to try BizPilot for free.

What does my advisor do?

Your advisor provides you assistance for steering through BizPilot. From onboarding on the platform to completing accounting or filling compliances on your behalf, BizPilot advisors are there to assist you in all your financial requirements.

How does BizPilot collect accounting data?

The collection of accounting data begins as soon as you are onboarded on BizPilot. We raise a request for you to upload the following documents on the platform, 

  1. Sales invoices: We use them to record sales. 
  2. Expenses receipts: We use them to record expenses.  
  3. Bank statements: We use that to reconcile the books of accounts.

How frequently will BizPilot reconcile my books?

We reconcile your books on a monthly basis.

How long does my monthly accounting take? When can I expect it to be completed?

It takes around 3-4 days for us to complete your accounting. This means your accounting will be completed on the 5th of every month if you provide the required details by the 1st or 2nd of the month.

Does BizPilot file my taxes?

Yes, we file the taxes as filing taxes for your business is a part of your BizPilot subscription. 

What tax and compliance filing does BizPilot take care of?

BizPilot takes care of the following tax and compliance filing, 

  1. TDS payment and TDS return filing
  2. Generating Form 16 and form 16A 
  3. Equalization levy payment and return filing
  4. Provident Fund (PF) payment and return filing
  5. Employee State Insurance (ESI) payment and return filing
  6. GST payments and return filing
  7. Advance tax payments
  8. Business Income tax return filing
  9. Annual ROC compliances as required by MCA

Does BizPilot handle ROC compliances?

Yes, BizPilot handles your annual ROC compliances, which are comprehensive reporting of your business procedures. Company Act, 2013 and Companies Rules mandate all the registered companies and LLPs from India to submit ROC compliance within the due date.

Are advisors CAs?

Yes, all BizPilot advisors are Chartered Accountants.

Do you cover form 16?

Yes, we cover form 16.

Do you file GST?

Yes, we do file GST for your business.

Does BizPilot file form 15 CA/CB?

Yes, we file form 15 CA/CB for your business. Since 15 CA/CB is an event-based form, you have to raise a request to our advisor to file this form. Also, filing 15 CA/CB is an additional service; you can always talk with your advisor about its charges.

Does BizPilot handle the equalization levy?

Yes, we do handle equalization levies for your business.

Which payment processors does BizPilot connect with?

We use Cashfree as our payment processor. It is India's leading payments and API banking company, offering a great range of payout solutions.

Which banks do BizPilot is connected with?

BizPilot is connected with ICICI Bank and Yes Bank.

What software do you use for accounting?

BizPilot uses Zoho Books as accounting software.

Why use Zoho Books?

Zoho is a Cloud Accounting platform with API support and integrations with payment gateways, GST portal, etc.

No vendor lock-in. If you ever want to move away from BizPilot you can take your Zoho books account.

If we use another software, can you migrate us?

Yes, we can migrate you once you provide us with access to the respective data.

How do you get my documents? Do I need to mail you my receipts?

No, you do not need to mail us your receipts, you just need to upload them on the platform. At the beginning of every month, we will raise a request for you to upload the documents on the platform.

How does BizPilot protect my financial data?

Data protection is given utmost importance at BizPilot. We guarantee that we comply with all the applicable laws and security standards regarding data protection. We use secure means to transfer any data from one source to another. 

Lastly, we regularly update our security practices to incorporate the best methods of protecting your personal information. Please read our privacy statement to learn more about our privacy policies. 

We provide reasonable and appropriate security measures concerning securing the Personal Information we collect.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting your BizPilot account needs your off-boarding from the platform. If you decide to move out from BizPilot, you need to inform your dedicated advisor regarding your decision. Then, our advisor will off-board you from the platform, which will delete your data.

Once you are properly off-boarded, the advisor will handover you the Zoho account details for your business, which means that your account and data will be permanently deleted from BizPilot. 

How do I contact sales?

You can write to sales at

How do I contact support?

  • Once you are onboarded on the BizPilot platform, you get a dedicated advisor who will answer all your questions regarding the platform. Along with advisor, we have developed two more resources for your support, 
  1. You can contact us on, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible 
  2. We have developed an extensive knowledge base answering all the questions regarding the platform. You can read it for support-related questions.

How do you handle payroll?

You can avail yourself of the payroll management service while onboarding on the platform. To handle your payroll, we send you an excel sheet to fill in all the relevant data of your existing workforce, which includes the following details, 

  1. PF, ESIC, Professional tax, Form 16 
  2. Generating and sending the Payslip, 
  3. Payout to the employees 

Do you also track paid leaves and sick leave balances for each employee?

No, we do not track paid leaves and sick leaves balance for each employee.

Do you provide payslips too?

Yes, we do provide the payslips on your behalf to your employees, if you sign up for payroll management while onboarding on BizPilot. (Note: payroll management is an additional service not included in our main packages.) 

Yes, we do provide payslips. If you opt for it, we can also send payslips to all of your employees on your behalf.

How will I get my accounting data if I plan to move out from Bizpilot?

When you move out from BizPilot, we handover you your Zoho account details containing all your accounting data.

Do I have to handle Zoho Books or Zoho Payroll?

No, you do not have to handle Zoho Books or Zoho Payroll. Once you sign up with BizPilot, you get a dedicated advisor who handles all the tasks related to Zoho Books and Zoho Payroll.

Is the cost of Zoho Books included in the pricing?

Yes, the cost of Zoho Books is included in the pricing.

Is the cost of Zoho Payroll included in the pricing?

Zoho Payroll charges depend on the number of employees. Therefore, we offer payroll management as an additional service, whose charges are not included in our main packages. You are required to pay additional fees based on the number of employees in your organization.

What resources are available to ensure I get the most out of BizPilot?

With BizPilot, you never have to worry about adequately utilizing our platform. We provide you with enough resources to get the most out of BizPilot.

Your dedicated advisor is just a message away from you. Just ping them, and they will help you out with your queries. Besides advisors, we have also developed an extensive knowledge base containing all the platform information. Explore the knowledge base to learn what more you can do with BizPilot.  

How does BizPilot handle compliance for the export of services or goods?

Export compliance is a legal obligation, including rules and regulations mandated by the governing authority where the business is being conducted. BizPilot supports managing export compliance by helping to obtain the following documents,

1. Letter of Undertaking (LUT) Certificate
2. Importer Exporter Code (IEC)

Does  BizPilot handle Provident Fund (PF)?

Yes, BizPilot handles PF as part of our payroll management services.

Do you handle onboarding employees on PF/ESI and generating their PF/ESI number?

Yes, we handle onboarding employees on PF/ESI and generate their PF/ESI numbers. This task is a part of our payroll management service, which you can avail yourself of at the time of onboarding.

Does BizPilot handle Professional Tax (PT)?

Yes, BizPilot handles PT as a part of our payroll management services.

Does BizPilot handle Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)?

Yes, we handle ESIC as a part of our payroll management services.

Who will be my advisor? Do you change advisors monthly?

Your advisor will be allocated to you at the onboarding time once you sign up for BizPilot. This advisor will continue to work with you as long as you stay with us. However, your advisor might change at the time of some internal change. 

Can I ask questions? Is support included?

Yes, you can ask us all your questions, and support for your financial queries is included in your subscription. You can direct these questions to the dedicated advisor you get once onboarded on the platform, or you can simply email us at:

Will BizPilot automatically pay my company's bills?

No, BizPilot will not automatically pay your bills.

What kind of accounting does BizPilot do – accrual or cash?

BizPilot follows accrual accounting as we recognize the revenue when it's invoiced and expenses when they're billed.

What do you need to get started?

In order to start using BizPilot, you first need to get its full access, which can be obtained by contacting the Sales. You can write to sales at

Our sales team will explain all the pricing plans, and will then help you select the ones that caters all your business needs. 

Do you support international companies?

No, we do not currently support international companies; however, we will be supporting them shortly.

Will BizPilot support me if there's an audit?

BizPilot will support you in case of an audit by connecting you to the best CAs available according to your budget. External CA service is not part of our subscription packages, and we outsource this service to external auditors. Despite that, we will make sure that you will have all the resources required for an audit in case of an audit.

Are there any setup fees?

No. Setting you up on the platform is a part of the onboarding process, which we conduct once you select the relevant package. Thus, we do not charge you any setup fees.

Are there any overage fees?

No, there are no overage fees. Our pricing plans are based on the annual expense of your business. So, if your expense exceeds, we simply move you to the next suitable plan.

Can I pay quarterly?

We only offer monthly, or annual payment turns. Therefore, you cannot pay quarterly.

How does BizPilot help with tax savings?

At BizPilot, we ensure that your business stays tax compliant. For this, we evaluate all the invoices and expenses to ensure that nothing goes unchecked. Besides, conducting accounting tasks with great accuracy helps you save tax penalties. Furthermore, we pay keen attention to tax credit and return filing and claim them on time.

Does BizPilot do transfer pricing?

Yes, we outsource to the best CAs at the best prices for you. These are charged additionally.

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