BizPilot’s Story

Integration of technology with finance can transform the way we manage our finances. This was my epiphany. My techie brain thought of this on one mundane afternoon when I was particularly overwhelmed by tedious admin tasks I was doing for the startup I founded earlier. I noticed that our finance industry isn't utilizing the technology at its fullest, and this thought was the foundation of BizPilot.

Startup culture is thriving in India, yet entrepreneurs struggle to manage their finances efficiently. Running a business consumes our time and energy, and things get more complicated when we have to learn to manage finances. For me, this was the most intimidating yet crucial part of running a business. Besides, you have to be accurate, or even the tiniest mistake can cost you more than you realise.

Indeed, a CA service is a great resource; however, I couldn't help noticing the gaps between what we need and what we get. This was my time to step up and use all my software knowledge to design a solution (nowadays known as, BizPilot) that can automate finance with the accuracy required.

The blueprint of BizPilot was ready, and now I needed a team to turn it into reality. I assembled the first three members, Rajan - the developer aka code ninja; Barkha - the resourceful CA; and Dinesh - the designer visualiszing all our ideas. Together, we designed our first code for generating invoices, which took us three weeks. Fortunately, we've come a long way since then.

Today, BizPilot has become a team of 13 people committed to simplifying finances so that business owners can focus on what matters the most - growing their revenue. That is the story of how BizPilot was born and I am Anup, the founder of this company. Simplification brings the best out of everything, and making finance simple directly influences business’s growth. BizPilot simplifies finances by eliminating multiple tedious tasks and incorporating accuracy within the landscape of accounting/finance management. With BizPilot, managing finance will not be a chore anymore - it will be efficient.

Anup Nair

A techie, a business owner, and a father.

Team BizPilot