BizPilot Security Overview

Last updated: 20th August 2022

At BizPilot, we take the security of your account very seriously.
Protecting your information is very important to us.
We take measures to help ensure that your information remains secure.

Secure Environment

  • We enforce 256-bit SSL encryption on our website, which encrypts the transmission of your data to and from our site.
  • Our network infrastructure enforces security at each level with strict routing.
  • We perform regular internal security audits and have backup and disaster recovery policies in place.

Personal Information

  • We have implemented systems to securely store and protect your data, and restrict access to your information on a need-to-know basis. Any sensitive information about your business like the username and passwords of the GST portal or Income Tax website is encrypted. We do not store sensitive health, financial, or payment information.
  • We will never sell or lease your information for any reason to anyone. For more details about how we honour your privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

Employee Access

  • We use Google account roles and policies to verify employee account identity. We also provide two-factor authentication for all sensitive data access.

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